Quality Politics


IBERIC PREMIUM S.L is a company dedicated to the cutting and marketing of beef, pork and sheep. Manufacture and marketing of meat products. Our main objective is to supply customers with safe food and we are convinced that quality is the best way to achieve this.

IBERIC PREMIUM S.L's quality policy is based on the following commitments:

  1. Commitment to achieve and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction, meeting their

expectations and needs, determining customer requirements in order to ensure compliance and offering quality, service, assortment, specialization and safety.

  1. Commitment to comply with all the applicable requirements set forth in the current

legislation and regulations, as well as contractual or other, so that our actions may never contravene the legal requirements and specifications established by the different public administrations.

  1. Commitment to develop our actions within a management environment that guarantees

continuous improvement in our processes, in our methods of action and in our relationships with stakeholders, through the establishment and periodic review of our quality objectives and our policy. quality.

  1. Commitment to promote the understanding and dissemination of our quality policy within the organization through training and continuous communication with our workers, with the participation of all our staff, an essential requirement for continuous improvement in all company activities.
  2. Commitment to control and effectively manage all our Departments, which will allow us to meet our objectives and obtain a degree of quality from them, with special emphasis on:
  • Attention and relationship with our clients
  • Quality of our products and services
  • Supplier control
  • Organization of activities


The Management of IBERIC PREMIUM S.L, assumes the commitment and responsibilities implicit in the development of this quality policy, ensuring compliance and requests the participation and collaboration of all employees in achieving these commitments.