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For the acquisition of a product or service, it is not necessary to hold the condition of User, therefore the User will be able to buy as a guest or the User can register and buy with a personal account.

The product or products bought will have the following information incorporated:

  1. Features
  2. Payment method
  3. Price and taxes
  4. Delivery costs and conditions
  5. Conditions of validity of the offer, if applicable.

There is no minimum spend. No shipments are made to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

The receipt of the acknowledgment of receipt does not imply that the order has been accepted, since it is an offer from the User to make a purchase. Orders are subject to verification and acceptance by IBERIC PREMIUM S.L. (hereinafter, IBERIC PREMIUM).

IBERIC PREMIUM will confirm acceptance by sending the User an e-mail with the shipping confirmation, only at this time will the contract between the User and IBERIC PREMIUM be formalized.

Payment approval terms vary depending on the form of payment. In no case will IBERIC PREMIUM be responsible for the approval period of your payment.

IBERIC PREMIUM, in accordance with the provisions of article 27.1 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on services of the information society and electronic commerce, expressly states that it will archive the electronic document in which it is registered contracting the Service, which will be formalized in Spanish.

Once the order is made, an invoice will be sent to the contact information provided by the User.

In the event that the payment is not accepted for any reason, the User will be informed, canceling the process of placing the order, and must be made again. IBERIC PREMIUM will not be responsible in any case for the consequences that the cancellation of the order may have for the User.



The orders will be delivered to the address that the User indicates. Home delivery is guaranteed in the peninsula and the Balearic Islands. No orders are made to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

Shipments to the Peninsula will be made in 24h / 48h. Shipments to the Balearic Islands will be made in 72h. In Europe shipments will vary depending on the destination country; UK 4-5 days, France 2 days and Germany 3 days.


Delivery times are as follows:

  • Orders received before 12 am on the current day: delivery in 24/48 hours.
  • Orders received after 12 am on the current day: delivery in 48/72 hours.

The delivery time will be before 1:30 p.m. on the next business day, delivering from Tuesday to Friday.

IBERIC PREMIUM will provide a tracking number and a link to follow the order online.

 Transport logistics is carried out with the company SEUR S.A, service COLD. IBERIC PREMIUM is not responsible for delivery failures that could be due to fault or negligence of the courier company in charge of managing it.


The prices are reflected in euros. The prices and conditions shown are valid at all times, and are valid only as long as they are visible on the Website during the open session and limited to available stocks. To the price must be added the delivery costs, which are billed at the end of the order in supplement to the price of the selected products, which will be assumed by the User.

Shipping costs are included in the price from € 120. Shipments of amounts less than € 120 will be € 9.90 + VAT for the Peninsula and € 30 for the Balearic Islands.

On the fixed prices, the rates, taxes or encumbrances will be applied, which are in force at all times and must be legally applied.

IBERIC PREMIUM reserves the right to modify the prices of the products at any time, respecting in any case the current rates of pre-existing orders.

IBERIC PREMIUM reserves the right to apply discounts, discount vouchers or any other promotions for the acquisition of its products. The conditions to benefit from these promotions will be those that are detailed in each case.

You can find here the shipping times by country:

Albania 3-4 days
Germany 2-3 days
Andorra 2-3 days
Austria 2-3 days
Belgium 2-3 days
Cyprus 5-6 days
Bulgaria 4-5 days
Croatia 4 days
Denmark 2-3 days
Eslovaquia 3-4 days
Eslovenia 3-4 days
Estonia 5-6 days
Finland 5-7 days
France 1-2 days
Greece 4-5 days
Hungary 2-3 days
Latvia 4-5 days
Kosovo 4-5 days
Liechtenstein 3-4 days
Lithuania 4-5 days
Luxemburg 2-3 days
Malta 4-5 days
Macedonia 4-5 days
Monaco 1-2 days
Montenegro 4-5 days
Norway 3-6 days
Netherland 2-3 days
Poland 3-4 days
Portugal 2-3 days
United Kingdom 4-5 days

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