Where Do We Come From and Where Are We Going?

Iberic Box was created after we realised the difficulty of finding and consuming quality national products, such as ham -- something so typical of us -- and we asked ourselves how we can bring a product as traditional and unique as Spanish ham to unconventional sales channels . Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, not so much....

This simple question posed a great challenge: How do we adapt the large pieces or slices of the ham into an innovative and wide-ranging variety to perfectly cover all the needs of the consumer, ensuring it can be enjoyed anywhere and at any time?

So, we began to look for different boxes, materials, cuts, garnishes, etc. that would allow our products to be consumed in a different way, quickly and easily, always maintaining their unique scent, texture, and taste.. After a lot of thinking and trying, we found an innovative sales packaging, through which we managed to create a unique, gourmet experience of national products. Thanks to the constant refining of our “Spanish Gourmet Experience” , we have gradually become a presence in the airline, vending, and take-&-go sectors.



Who Said That Ham Is Not for Everyone?

Continuing with the idea of taking ham everywhere, we have now set ourselves to the challenge of turning ham into a gourmet experience, accessible to everyone to make new generations fall in love again, no longer seeing ham as something old and unaffordable.

Therefore, at Iberic Box, we want to revolutionise, again, such a classic industry, with more than 100 years of history, to offer the best ham in different styles, while at the same time sharing with you all the information we have to demystify it, turning it back into a simple product understood by all.


What Do We Believe In?



We are obsessed with breaking the status quo and modernising the sector with new styles for consumption never seen before.



We always guarantee our quality, beginning at the pastures all the way to your home.



We redefine ham consumption to make it a gastronomic experience accessible to everyone.



We breed and feed our animals in the best way we know how to achieve an unparalleled gourmet experience for the senses.


The Disruption of Ham.

For all this and more, opening a ham goes beyond just enjoying a gastronomic luxury. It is about discovering the whole heritage of centuries of tradition that it keeps inside.

At Iberic Box, we work on every detail to achieve a gourmet product that offers all the goodness of extraordinary animals that we care for as they deserve.

Our mission: Making ham accessible to the new generations